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Biography +


1962  : Born in Hanoi 

1968  : Student of young Pioneer’s Club. 

1986  : Graduated from Hanoi College of Drama and Cinematography. 

Member of Vietnamese Fine Art Association



1990  : Exhibition of young painter in Hanoi. 

Awarded the first prize National Fine Art Exhibition in Hanoi 

1992  : Hanoi Fine Art Exhibition. 

1994  : Personal Exhibition at Canada Embassy. 

1995  : Personal Exhibition in Singapore. 

1996  : Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong. 

1997  : Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong 

1998  : Solo Exhibition in Gallery Vinh Loi, HCM City. 

2000  : Group Exhibition in Vinh Loi Gallery. 

2001  : Solo Exhibition in LaVong Gallery, Hong Kong 

2002  : “The Quality of Natural Power” group exhibition, Latin American Arts Museum, Miami, Florida, USA. 

2002  : “Where the Rivers meets” group exhibition in the Vietnamese Cultural Festival Luxembourg and continued at “Libre de Bruxelles” University, Brussels, Belgium. 

2003  : “New Season” Group exhibition in Bradford City – UK. 

“Hanoi Flowers” solo exhibition at gallery in Hong Kong (in cooperation with Green Palm gallery) 

2004: Solo exhibition in Hong Kong. 

2005: Solo exhibition in London – UK. 

2008: Solo exhibition at Toriizaka Art in Tokyo – Japan. 

2010: Group exhibition in ION Orchard – Singapore. 

2011: Group exhibition at Apricot in London – UK. 

2014: Group exhibition in New York – USA. 

2016:”At the hind sight” exhibition at Green Palm gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam



1990  First prize of Hanoi Young Artist competition sponsored by Hanoi Fine Arts Association. 

Collected permanently by Eastern Museum – USSR

Sunny Day

Sunny Day

Oil on canvas
Size: 95 x 110 cm