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Biography +
Nguyen Trung is often viewed as one of the most influential and respected artists in Vietnam today. He has the great ability to create well-organized texture in his works.  Over the last decade, Nguyen Trung has initiated a new current in Vietnam Art.
Trung is also one of the outstanding representatives of paintings of Saigon (HCMC) before 1975 unil now. 
1940: Born in Soc Trang, Viet Nam
Member of the Fine Arts Association of Viet Nam and HCM City
1961:  Joined the Numerous National and International Exhibitions
1967:  Joined the “First Ome Man Show” at Ho Chi Minh
1990:  Joined the First Annual "Recent Works" Exhibition by a group of 10 Artists
1991:  Joined the Biennal Exhibition of the SocieteNationale des Beaux-Arts.GrandPalais, Paris
1991:  Solo "Abstract" National Exhibition at  Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
1991:  Joined the Plum Blossoms Exhibition of Vietnamese Artists at HongKong
1992: Joined the Plum Blossoms Exhibition of Vietnamese Artists at Singapore
1993:  Joined the "New Space" Exhibition by Vietnamese and Singaporean HCMC.
1994:  Joined the Asian Friendship Exhibition  at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
1995:  Joined the Art Exhibition at Seoul, Korea.
1996: Joined the  "Vietnamese Art after DoiMoi",Exhibition atTokyo, Japan
1997:  Group Exhibition at Korea.
1998:  Group Exhibition at Bassano del Grappa Musem, Italy.
           Group Exhibition of Vietnamese and French Artists with the title "Vietnamese Art from 1925-now" at  Paris.
Group Exhibition at San-Francisco, USA.
1999:  Group Exhibition at  Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
"Revelations of Time and Self." Solo Exhibition at Ha Noi, Vietnam.
          "On the Horizon" at Oakland, California, USA
2000 - 2010: Joined the Exhibition at Taiwan, Korea, Thailand.
2012:   Exhibition at UK.
1960 Silver medal, Spring Arts Show, Saigon
1963 Gold medal, Spring Arts Show, Saigon
Lady in mango garden

Lady in mango garden

Title: Lady in mango garden | Size: 100x130cm